Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Democrats push $150B stock tax on Wall Street

Today in Economic news........This is frightening, taxing Wall Street will kill the little guy. The large firms would never pay this tax, all it would do is increase their fees. However, this would kill a small-time investor that does his due diligence in research and likes to invest as a hobby. Once again, Democrats feel that the way to create jobs is to tax, tax, tax...How the hell would creating a Job Fund support new jobs? The way to create jobs is to cut taxes for companies and allow the companies to create jobs. Government can not create jobs!

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  1. Disincentivizing activity in the US stock market is going to create needed tax revenue to pay down the deficit and create jobs!?!

    One really should have to pass the same Economics 101 course I had when I was a freshman in order to have a seat in Congress.


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