Monday, November 23, 2009

Jim DeMint: A tea party crowd favor

I would be more than happy to have someone like Jim Demint decide to get involved in the 2012 Presidential race That would be a nice choice for us conservatives to have. There was a time when DeMint was running that the "Establishment" said he could not win either as a Conservative in his state, and he did. Suffice to say, DeMint is the kind of man we need more of in the Senate.
There there is this blurb within the article:
NRSC Chairman John Cornyn, however, insists that “endorsements are overrated” and that he’s “not worried” about DeMint’s tactics.
“My preference is that we get more conservatives in the Senate,” Cornyn said. “The challenge we have is that somebody as conservative as Jim DeMint can’t get elected nor as conservative as John Cornyn can’t get elected in some parts of the country, even as a Republican. That’s the challenge.”

There are a couple falsities within these comments by Cornyn:
1) Cornyn is not a Conservative
2) He endorsed Crist right in the beginning over Rubio
3) He was part of the group trying to get Tom Ridge to run against Pat Toomey

With all of the things above, the only thing proven is that John Cornyn is nothing but a RINO.

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  1. To call Cornyn a "RINO" is being polite. He's a hack, whose foremost interest is in having a seat, principles be damned. If the Republican party is going to be relevant in the long-term they have got to represent something beyond short-term gains in elections. The country is looking for something beyond Democrat Lite. If the Republicans don't provide it, the people may start going to the Doug Hoffmans of the world in greater numbers.


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