Monday, December 14, 2009

Circa 1994?

Rep. Gordon is fourth Dem retirement

Retirements like this keep raising the Ante on a Congressional Upheaval in 2010 taking place. Between the Retiring Dems and the Rise of Conservatives like Doug Hoffman, can the GOP rest power in the House? There is also hope in the Senate with the latest Polls showing Pat Toomey leads in PA and Marco Rubio is closing in on Charlie Crist in the Florida Primary. These are all good signs for 2010m going into 2012. The big question still being asked though...WHO will lead the GOP in the 2012 Presidential Race. I know everyone says that it is far away and they are focused on 201-, however, you need to focus on 2012 in order to win 2010. I am still holding out hope for Fred Thompson........

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