Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fred in 2012

Well, here I go again....
I am probably still the only person on the face of the planet who thinks somehow, someway in 2012 Fred Thompson will be running for President. While he did get involved in 2008, it was too late in the game. Fred never realized the change in landscape regarding how campaigns work today Vs. when he was running for the Senate.
Now that makes one think, why would Fred, at the age of 70 on election day in 2012, want to really do this all over?
I believe that by this time next year there will be such a vacuum of leadership in Washington, that no established GOP Candidate will be on coming to the forefront that Fred is going to see that his time has come. Fred stated more than once in the years leading up to 2008 that he did not like the campaign grind aspect of politics and the money being spent etc. In 2012 the opening will be there for Fred to step in and win the primary, relatively easy. Once that is done, a general election campaign against Obama will be simple because Fred is a substantive person and will lay the smack down!

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  1. Reagan was just a couple weeks short of 70 when he took office in '80. Fred still seems very vital. Certainly sharper intellectually than some 48 year-olds we know...


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