Monday, December 14, 2009

The President Gives himself a B+

President Obama stated on 60 minutes that he would grade himself as having achieved a B+ through the first year of his administration. However, I am not sure how he has reached that grade. There is still no compromise on healthcare, his decision to close Gitmo has failed miserably and will not happen within his own imposed deadline, and then there is the issue of Iran....While Candidate Obama said repeatedly he could work with the Muslim nation, we are no closer today than we were through the 8 years of the Bush Administration. In fact, we are farther apart now than we ever were as we did not even support the Iranian people, as they protested their shell of an election, as we watched and did nothing as a woman was murdered on live TV and when the Honduran courts ruled their leader could not legally remain President, we sided with the Government, going against the people. Routinely, Obama and friends have sided with the Dictatorial governments (Do I need to mention shaking hands with Hugo Chavez)...

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