Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Words, just words.......

Last night President Obama laid out his plans for Afghanistan...and I am still waiting to hear the word VICTORY, Mr. President.
Never before have I seen a Commander-in-Chief give such a lackluster effort in front of the Military when telling them, the Country and the World that we are going to war. Where was the excitement we saw on the campaign...well, it is kind of hard to generate faux excitement when the people in the crowd are not ACORN members, liberals, or Congressional Dems. I did not see President Obama last night, I saw Professor Obama...unfortunately, this is not a Constitutional law class he was speaking in front of.......

His Disdain for everything Military could not have been more apparent last night and it was reflected in both tone and demeanor.

Click on the link for the complete text of the President's speech.

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