Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who in the GOP has any right to call for their withdrawal, considering so many did not even have the courage to enter the fight?

I think it is time to start seeing some one on one polling between the three candidates. That might perhaps illustrate who needs to drop out. I firmly believe that if Newt drops out, it harms SenRick and not Mittens. Any Newt voter that was for Newt based on ideologue has already switched to Sen Rick. The remaining % of his support would go to Mitt with more than enough of that percentage allowing Mitt to win the nomination. Newt knows this, SenRick doesn't want to admit this...Sorry Senator.

Mitt still has the best legitimate shot in beating Obama, he has lost states that will go red regardless and has won the blue states he needs to be competitive in come November. Mitt won OH, not SenRick, Mitt will win PA, Mitt won FL, all 3 states help him win in November, with Christie as VP this is a slam dunk.

Perhaps SenRick and Newt should realize this, however, they both have earned the right to continue, this is America and they are running for the highest office in the land.

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