Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Madoff-Sandusky What's wrong with this picture?

It still really irks me that Jerry Sandusky was allowed to walk out of the courthouse handcuffed in the front and not behind his back like everyone else. The Centre County Sheriff bestowed a courtesy handcuff on a child rapist! Bernie Madoff was handcuffed behind the back for stealing millions and millions, Jerry Sandusky is allowed to walk out handcuffed in front for raping Children. You can't tell me that this case was not pushed through in 6 months to protect the Governor, PSU, and a football program. It is complete bullshit and there are a lot of heads that still need to roll, and the Football program should be suspended indefinitely. Child rapes took place on the campus and within the football facilities, but hey, let’s not worry about that. There are still 2 coaches on the PSU staff that were there under Joe Paterno and why is that, because they are good recruiters. Parents, think twice before sending your kids to Penn State, child rape took place on that campus and they have done nothing to eradicate that stench.

JoePa was often referred to as the Pope for his "morality", well in the end he was more akin to Cardinal Bernard Law!  They should all rot in hell.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Romney/Christie Take II

As a follow-up in regards to my last post on a Romney/Christie ticket...
People are saying now (talking to you Allahpundit) that the video that Dave Weisel, er I mean Weigel, dug up will help seal the fate of Christie not being Mitt's VP as he is too soft on illegal immigration, blah, blah, blah because it is new and just unearthed...

That is BS, it was dragged out in Sept 2011, in June 2010, this has been brought up time and time again whenever the whispers of Christie running for POTUS were broached, and now they are brought up again during the VP discussions...

The question is why is this being discussed now, and more importantly, why by the left?
Because, the Left is DEATHLY AFRAID of Christie being on the ticket.  He effectively cinches the election for Mitt.  Illegal immigration is a huge issue in this country and if you are telling me that all of a sudden the left is going to have a problem with his “views” on where and how the war is waged, you are dead wrong.

For Weigel and the left to come out with this issue against TFM is because they want the right to backlash against it, thus rendering the GOP ineffective in the argument, out of touch, don’t care about Hispanics etc. That is what it is all about, the left wants to be able to say that Mitt can’t pick TFM as he is too soft on immigration and those evil conservatives won't vote for him...
It is a red herring to distract from real issues (the economy) and to help keep illegal immigration, social issues , etc. at the forefront of this election.

I sincerely hope Mitt and the GOP does not fall for it.

Exit question: why else would the left bring this up again, after the primary season is over and Christie is not running….

I fully expect George and Diane to ask Mitt later this week about how his views are so different regarding Illegal immigration, than say Chris Christie's

Watch and see...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Romney/Christie 2012

I wonder what goes in to the VP selection, in the past geography has played a part, filling a specific void in the ticket has played a part, and even gender has played a part, with 2012 being an election of monumental proportions as well as being perhaps the most vicious, hard-punching race of all time I think Governor Romney really needs a fighter in his corner. While I have heard all the names, Rubio, Ryan (who is my only alternative, but we need him leading the budget fight in DC), Condoleeza Rice, Portman, etc., and as the list goes on and on, I keep coming back to one man. In October, he gave a speech in California, it was spoken with so much passion, so much love for country, that people in the audience asked him to run for POTUS himself. This man decided after a long weekend that he felt he just wasn't ready to run for the top of the ticket, perhaps part of it was him, perhaps part of it was not grasping the sincerity of the voters who wanted him to run leading up to the speech, and perhaps part of it after the speech was because he knew how hard it would be to jump in that late in the game (see Rick Perry & Fred Thompson). Things have drastically changed since October, gas is $4 a gallon and rising, we are being told everyday of a faux recovery, No. Korea is about to test missiles, nukes, and who knows what else that his time has come. Governor Romney ahs the operation in place, Governor Romney will do just fine in the Oval office, what Governor Romney needs is someone who can touch a person's soul. We saw this man do it in October in California, this man can do it again this October, and into November. Governor Romney your first major decision once you are nominee is picking a Vice-President, please make this decision and show the country your conviction and pick the man best suited for the job, that man is Governor Chris Christie for Vice-President. There really is no other choice.

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