Friday, November 20, 2009

To all of my friends in Pittsburgh

How much of a joke is light-up tonight? It starts at 6 on a Friday night. If you live in the suburbs and work you can not get there without taking off, yet, Boy Blunder wants commuters into the city to pay a tax for city services… about becoming suburb friendly instead of green friendly, Luke!
Can these ppoliticians PLEASE get a grip on reality and realize if you want to bring people into the city that you have to give the people in the suburbs time to get to the city. The estimate is 200K, if they did this on a Saturday, they could probably get 500K people downtown throughout the day and in the evening without losing worker productivity for today (Friday)……
Here is my proposal for light up night beginning next year
1) Move light-up night to Saturday night at 7 PM
2) Secure sponsors from City Businesses, PNC, Mellon, Heinz, Steelers, pens, pirates, etc and start an annual Holiday parade that begins at 4 and ends at 7 in the evening at the point where Santa arrives kicking off light-up night by lighting the tree
3) Allow ½ price parking downtown all day as well as cutting the sales tax in half for the day within the downtown city limits at Macy’s, Burlington, book stores, etc while coordinating with the stores for a one-day blow-out sale beginning at like 9 am.
4) Free Public transportation into the city from the suburbs and free travel home with a receipt from a city store spending $25 or more, per adult. (Children under 18 are free all day)
5) Also, Free bus travel within downtown.
6) Promote the ice skating rink at PPG for once, and allow for free ice skating for kids 12 and under
Now that would be a good light-up day/night Holiday festivity for the city

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  1. These are all good ideas--and I agree with you 100%. The problem is that if you presented this to Mayor Luke he'd probably give you a blank look...and then try to attach an additional tax to that AdSense windfall you're realizing from this blog.


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