Friday, December 4, 2009

10% and 11000 Jobs shedded....please

Forecasters predicted 130,000 jobs lost and there were only 11,000. Yeah right, can we quit inflating the numbers so the results do not look bad!
Everyone knows that we shed fewer jobs now, it is due to the Holiday Seasonal Positional to staff the stores for the shopping that goes on.
Remember, the 11,000 is the net loss....I would like to know how many were created and how many were lost...based on the salary. Now that would be more telling than only 11,000 were lost.

Please, stop spinning everything and if the forecasters were that wrong...they should be the next ones to be on the unemployment line!

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  1. We're *down* to 10% unemployment now. Awesome. They're undoubtedly counting the people who are paid to stand outside spinning "Going Out Of Business - Everything Must Go!" signs. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Obama economy.


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