Friday, December 4, 2009

Dinner Gate

So, let's see if I understand this correctly...2 people sneak into the President's 1st State dinner, the Prime Minister of India is in attendance, and the White house is invoking Executive Privilege and Separation of powers to prevent the White house Social Secretary from answering questions in front of the Congress as they investigate as to what happened and how can it be prevented from ever happening again.
There is no way in hell that the Secret Service dropped the ball, and allowed these 2 people to sneak into the State Dinner, they were indirectly invited by both President Obama and Jeffrey Immelt, you know him as the CEO of GE and NBC. The Salahi's have been in photos before with the President at other various functions. The Salahi's were just at the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner and there are pictures of them with Candidate Obama on the campaign trail.
Now, here is my "theory" on this situation:
This was an "under the radar" kickback to Obama buddy and White House frequenter, Jeffrey Immelt. Tareq and Michaele Salahi, formerly known as the polo world crashers, are under contract to the Bravo network (which is owned by NBC, and in the end GE). It is believed that they are in the Real Housewives of DC, which is produced by Bravo and is the newest city to be included in the Network's Real Housewives franchise.
How exactly did this work, well, here you go:
This was a publicity stunt. The intent was to boost the struggling NBC ratings as Immelt is under a lot of fire at GE/NBC and they are about to be bought by Comcast. This "party-crashing" would drum up interest for the kickoff of the new show as well as boosting ratings for anything else on NBC. Contractually, that is the only channel they can do interviews on and they appeared on The Today Show within days of their appearance to tell their story of how they crashed a State Dinner.

Now, while I understand that this seems so conspiratorial and else can you explain the President's actions in preventing the Social Secretary from answer questions about the guest list?
How else can you explain the White House, since Obama pledged to have the most transparent White House ever, throwing up such little fuss about 2 people crashing Obama's First State Dinner with the Prime Minister of India?
How else can you explain the Executive Privilege and separation of Powers being instituted by the White house regarding their Social Secretary, after how these same people excoriated President Bush and Scooter Libby for "hiding" behind the same thing over Valerie Plame?

So what backfired, what was the Fly in the Ointment?
The White House never expected the backlash and outrage due to the breach in security at a State Dinner. The Obama's expected this to go over like a ha-ha laugh. They do not understand that they are not rock stars and this is not a reality show. This is the real world.
Now, while this seems like such a petty kickback, with not much to offer and a lot to lose
Would you really expect anything else from a Community Organizer who uses his Tele-prompter when saying Thank you....

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